Ageless Wood

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Difficulty 3/5 Low number of hostile entities, difficult to navigate, psychological effects.
Entity Count 2/5 Low but entities of many types can be found, including the extremely dangerous.
Chaos Gradient 4/5 Highly non-Euclidean geometry, psychological effects.
Basset-Frazier Index 3/5 Be cautious and remember your steps.



fig 1.0 Photo resembling description given of The Ageless Wood by explorer.

The Ageless Wood is the name given to the extrauniversal void by an unknown explorer. It is unknown if the void appears in the same form to every explorer, or in different forms to each explorer. Here described is the void as it appeared to the unknown explorer. The limspace takes the form of a densely wooded forest at dusk, with very little underbrush and trees spaced only about three feet apart. The geometry of the level appears to follow a Cheshire Manifold, with each tree acting as a conical singularity. In layman's terms, to the left of each tree is an entirely different stretch of woods than to the right of each tree, whatever passes out of sight behind a tree trunk will be replaced with entirely different scenery on the other side, like the Cheshire Cat, hence the name. Because of this geometrical distortion, it is important to remember your exact steps if you ever hope to return from the woods, as the only way back is the way you came. Even the slightest deviation will lead to someplace entirely different.

Where The Ageless Wood stands out from other Cheshire Manifolds is in its connection to other realities. Sometimes the view between two of the trees will not be that of more woods, but that of some alien world at some point in its history in some other universe. The placement of these doors to other realities in the woods and the reality, place, and time they connect to appears to be either entirely random, or following some pattern so complicated we have yet to decipher it. Nonetheless, if entrances to the ageless woods could be located and a path mapped, this limspace could be used to traverse across space, time, and even the multiverse. The limspace is inhabited by people from various universes and limspaces, as well as entities from those realities. Encounters are scarce, but can range from friendly to fatal depending on the person or entity encountered. So far no entrances to the wood have been located, but searches are ongoing. The entrances were described by the explorer as being located "deep in the woods where map and compass fail", indicating that perhaps a methodical search pattern is counterproductive and that the entrances can only be found when one is hopelessly lost. Another way to reach The Ageless Wood was also mentioned, although it is most commonly thought to be a mere result of the psychosocial effects of the level addling the explorer's mind. According to the explorer, a "song of ascension" will "tear through the material prison" and "allow the essence of the divine to escape to its true home".

Lastly there should be mentioned the limspace's mental effects. These are of course deduced from the state of the explorer as we have had no other contact with The Ageless Wood, so it is unknown if the symptoms differ between individuals. The limspace appears to have induced an unnatural state of calm in the explorer, leading him to express a desire to stay and "shed his dependence on space and time". The explorer noted a flickering of his surroundings just out of sight and became obsessed with the idea that The Ageless Woods was merely an illusion of familiarity to hide the full nature of the void from him until his mind was ready. He also began to develop a messianic complex, accessing database modules of various universes and entering into them an invitation to The Ageless Wood to "join him on the other side of everything". Whether this was a direct effect of the limspace or merely his reaction to the belief that universes are things to be escaped is again, unknown. Regardless, severe mental discipline is recommended before attempting to enter this limspace.

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