A family of three
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There once was a family made up of three.
They bought a nice little home on the plot.
The mom and the dad remain out and free.
Gave birth to a son that constantly fought.

One day they decided to tidy up.
Called a repairman to keep it in check.
Making some rooms for them to take and sup.
Based on thoughts of the human speck.

Everything was fine until that one day.
When the son was taken away from home.
The mother cried and spent some days away.
The father would go out at night and roam.

The mother came home to the repairman.
And they were caught by the (once) family man.

Sat alone in a courtroom, she would cry.
The husband would not let this stand solitary.
Back and forth, the couple would rather die.
The many papers the dad would carry.

The house was vacant, alone in slumber.
Every night the woman would sit alone.
Enabling the house swathed in umber.
Shortly, the woman would make herself known.

The job alone could support ten people.
She covered her house in terrible greed.
A house that slowly turned to a steeple.
Her life alone, sadness would take the lead.

The divorced man returned one day and saw.
The woman was hanging, a look of awe.

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