Welcome to the Liminal Archives, the primary global database of the strange and uncanny locations that blur the line between real and unreal. The Archivists are the brave souls who venture into the unknown, risking death or worse, to study liminality, observe how these obscure realities operate, and gather data to bring back and add to the Archives.

With danger awaits adventure, and with the unknown, discovery. Study the Archives, learn the unknown, and eventually, explore them yourself.

Site News
September 9 2021
We have started our Threshold Contest 2021! See the rules and submit your amazing thresholds here. What strange and wonderful places will be coming to baseline next? Can't wait to see!
September 9 2021
The Collab Contest 2021 is over! You can congratulate our disparate duos by reading their winning entries here.

Backrooms Archive

The Backrooms is the largest known Limspace system, containing thousands of interconnected liminal spaces and subsystems. Unlike most Limspaces, the Backrooms is characterized by digital artifacts, as if its environments are projected into physical space from esoteric computer-generated imagery. The Backrooms is as mystical and alluring as it is glitched and stocked with chaos.



The Backrooms is made up of a vast, interconnected network of liminal spaces known as levels. Each is its own world — its own unique environment to explore, to survive.



The native inhabitants of the Backrooms; some are dangerous, some are helpful, but all should be approached with caution.



These are the tools used by explorers and the items found across the Backrooms.

Baseline Archive

Documentation of Liminal Spaces which intersect or influence Baseline Reality



These are locations within Baseline Reality where Limspace has intersected and caused abnormal properties such as non-Euclidean geometry and a non-linear flow of time.

Limspace Archive

Documentation of Liminal Spaces outside Baseline Reality



These are spaces that exist outside of Baseline Reality, only accessible through special pathways, gateways, and other esoteric means.



The stories and records that fill the gaps left by regular documents


Joke Articles

Articles written to be comedic and less serious than normal articles



Documented groups that operate within Baseline and across Limspaces



Important People who are known and relevant to the Archivists


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