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Backrooms Archive

The largest known stable limspace system. Predicted to contain thousands if not millions of limspaces and subsystems that are all interconnected. Limspaces that are part of the Backrooms are known as levels. The flow of time within the Backrooms is more stable than most limspaces, meaning mostly minor disparities in time when levels are traversed as opposed to other examples of limspace.


Levels are a term for limspaces, specifically part of the Backrooms.


Entities are the inhabitants of the many levels of the backrooms. Some are dangerous, and some are helpful, but all should be treated with caution.


Objects are useful items that can be found in many levels.

Baseline Archive

Liminal spaces localized within baseline reality itself.


Locations within baseline reality where limspace has intersected and caused abnormal properties such as non-Euclidean geometry and a non-linear flow of time.

Limspace Archive

Limspace systems and singular limspaces seperate from baseline reality and the Backrooms.


The liminal spaces that exist outside our reality.

Limspace Systems

Vast networks of interconnected limspaces.

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